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The top solution with the best thermal, acoustic and security performances.

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The optimal solution for elegance, thermal comfort and investment value.

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Good to know

If you decided to renovate, you have to think very well if you want to change the windows and doors. After the renovation, it is almost impossible to replace it without destroying many of the works already executed (eg: window sills, wall painting…) to which is added the risk of damaging the parquet or the floor and, last but not least, the discomfort generated.

An important factor in making the decision is the acoustic, thermal and security characteristics of the joinery. For example, a 3-chamber pvc window installed 10-15 years ago no longer meets today’s standards.

For new homes, it is imperative to install pvc joinery adapted to the century in which we live (noise, high temperatures, pollution…) and to protect the home for at least 25 years.

Minimum characteristics for pvc windows

A modern double glazed window, such as Salamander windows, should meet at least the following requirements:

  • thermal transfer coefficient, minimum 1.0 W/m2K.
    It is very important if you live in a frosty or very hot area.
  • acoustic transfer coefficient, minimum 38 db.
    It is very important if you live in a busy area, for example near a main boulevard or shopping mall.
  • security, minimum WK2.
    The window must have at least 2 mushroom-type closing points.