✓   A class profiles, 6 chambers, 3 gaskets
✓   triple glass of 52, 60 mm
✓   anti-burglary hardware

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options for bluEvolution 92 straight or round, with 6 chambers, A class profile and exclusive design of sash with a drainage role

System depth

construction depth of 92 mm for frame and sash

Sealing gaskets

3 sealing gaskets, grey for white windows and black for laminated windows


steel with thickness of 2mm; rectangular for the frame / mullion and type G for the sash

Glass thickness

triple glass with a thickness of 52mm or 60mm and WarmEdge spacer in standard

Maximum dimensions

White: 4000x4000mm, maxim: 8 sqm
Laminated: 3500x3500mm, maxim: 6 sqm

Opening types

inside and outside opening



perimeter anti-burglary closing with all safety locking points, micro-ventilation and anti-mishandling

Thermal transfer

up to Uw = 0.72 W/(m²K) depending on the type of glass used

Acoustic insulation

up to 47 dB depending on the type of glass used

Water tightness

Class 9A
(pressure up to 600 Pa)

Air tightness

Class 4
(pressure up to 600 Pa)

Wind resistance

Class C3 (pressure up to 1200 Pa and deflection of s=1/300)

Anti-burglary protection

RC1, upgradeable to RC2




opening types for bluEvolution92


windows handles
window handles


inside glass sprosse applied on glass sprosse
inside glass applied on glass

Roller shutters

top mounted roller shutters applied on windows roller shutters
top mounted applied
profile pvc Salamander
feronerie Maco
geam Saint Gobain