Profiles with straight lines and 3 multichambered gaskets sealing

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Multi-chamber system with straight design and 3 multi-chamber gaskets sealing

System depth

70 mm frame and 78 mm sash

Glass thickness

up to 55 mm

Thermal barrier

simple, for frame and sash

Opening types

inside and outside opening

Sash dimensions

Maximum L1500 mm / H2600 mm, with a maximum weight limit of 160 kg


Thermal transfer

up to Uw = 0,9 W/(m²K) in function of frame/sash combination

Acoustic insulation

up to 44 dB, in function of glass

Water tightness

Class E1200

Air tightness

Class 4

Wind resistance

Class C5

Anti-burglary protection

Standard, with the possibility of upgrading to class RC2 / RC3